Search & Selection

Search, recruitment and selection of permanent professional technical positions have been our core business for years. We have a expanded network with excellent cadidates and we use the latest search techniques. Our experienced consultants are familiar with the latest developments within the TECH-market and what this implies for the tech professionals, their career options within the market and with our clients.

Type of positions

TECH rolls we fulfill:

Advice & Sales & Services

Manager / Head Department / Director

Contract Management

Engineering & Design

Procurement & Planning & Calculation


Project Management

Research &


We have an almost 100% success rate due to our combined use of search instruments consisting of:

File search

Targeted search of our Tech-files (over 1000 Tech professionals, many who we have personally interviewed).

Social media

Internet search, LinkedIn etc

Netwerk search

Addressing and exploring our extensive TECH-Partner network

Media search

Vacancy on our website and other relevant job sites and/or media.

Executive search

Targeted search at relevant (inter) national companies and organizations, tech firms for interesting candidates.

Continuous search

Our consultants keep in touch with the market and potential candidates on a daily basis.


Do you recognize yourself in one of our vacancies? Please send us your cv and motivation. Any further questions? Do not hesitate to contact on of our consultants. We are happy to answer all your questions.

Due to confidentiality it is not always possible to mention the vacancy and/or client in our overview or in the media.

If there is a match, we will invite you for a personal interview at our office or via a video call. During this interview we will give more information regarding the position, the client and we will form a clearer view on the match, the growth potential and the cultural fit with the organisation.

If both the candidate as the TECH-Partner consultant see a match, than the candidate will be introduced to the client with detailed information.

The duration will be normally be about 2 or 3 weeks, within this time we will be able to present our client a shortlist of high quality with usually 5 excellent fitting candidates.

If our client also is interested to further meet the candidate, we will set this up. A further screening will be done in consultation with our client. This screening may include thorough reference check, insight in diploma’s or extensive assessments. Of course, the reference check will only be done after explicit permission of and consultation with the candidate.

Our TECH-Partner consultant will continuously offer their knowledge and advice for both the candidate and the client. This guidance will last till the very end of the procedure. Especially when the candidate and the client are in the completion phase, this independent approach of TECH-Partner consultant appears to be of additional value.

After the successful mediation our consultant will keep in touch with both parties during 1 year.